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About Company

V. Dragon Recruitment was established in the year 2000. Perform by a team of recruitment experts who specialize in providing quality Thai workforce to work in many countries around the world such as Taiwan, Turks & Caicos Island, Brunei. Oman, Libya. Canada and Portugal.

With our comprehensive approach and a database of pre-selected candidates including an extensive network throughout Thailand, especially in the northeast region, we are confident that we will be able to synergize a win-win.

Connection among our workforce and our clients, and have been assessed as being easily adaptable to world-
wide work environment……….


Message From MD

We are one of the leading recruitment companies located in Bangkok, Thailand. Our company has been in the overseas recruitment business for over 20 years and specialize in providing quality Thai workforce for many countries. We have a strong connection with the Ministry of Labor which enhances us in fast documentation approval such as Power of Attorney, Demand letter, and Employment contract etc. We are proud to be a trustworthy recruitment company who successfully provide Thai workforce to meet our client’s expectation and satisfaction 


At v. Dragon Recruitment, we strive to be socially responsible for every aspect of our business. We connect Thai workforce from rural areas who have less career opportunities and unstable income with the appropriate jobs for their skill worldwide which enable them to support themselves and family. Moreover, we also provide the training programs to all workers to improve skills and grow in their careers.

With this reason,

we set up a languages school to offer courses in Korean, Chinese Japan and English to help our workers

prepare themselves in working abroad and also understand their employer’s culture and work ethics. This can help them to adapt themselves promptly.

Industrial sector

Agricultural sector

Construction sector

Specail Service

  1. There is a free shuttle service from the bus terminal (Mo Chit).
  2. Facilitate you. In making a passport
  3. Take them to check the disease and give advice on document management.
  4. Providing information and advice on foreign jobs providing information about working abroad and ready to solve problems for you all the time

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